Many small towns in Nevada are growing, creating good opportunities for businesses. You can also think of moving your head quarters to Nevada. Here are some reasons why.


Nevada is improving the technology sector. Nevada is situated near Bay Area where the headquarters of giant and most successful companies are situated. This creates opportunity for companies to form network with these big companies. Companies like Apple and Tesla have also opened offices in Nevada.

Building in a hand businessmen
Building in a hand businessmen

Cost of business

The cost of doing business in Nevada is very low. The land here is very cheap. Nevada don’t have much taxes; there are no corporate income tax and employer payroll tax is negligible. The state government of Nevada operates very efficiently; as a result, it’s environmental and regulatory bodies can move quickly compared to the other states.


The cost of power is low here and is available in plenty. Nevada has a large amount of renewable energy also. Nevada has lot of large geothermal and solar assets. There are 45 geothermal projects under development and a number of solar projects are also ongoing. Nevada has a green power program that is attracting many businesses.

These are some very good reasons that you should move your business to Nevada. The state has lot of prospects and your business will have lot of growth opportunities. The factors just discussed make Nevada a better place to do business than many of the other states of the U.S.


When people first entered Nevada to settle, the city was dry and like a wasteland. They never imagined that one day it will become one of the largest entertainment centers of the world. Here are the biggest cities in Nevada

1. Las Vegas – Population 586,536

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the world’s largest gaming resorts. It is the place. More than half a million people live in this glittery city. It is interesting to know that the CEO of FedEx Fred Smith had earned a lot of money by gambling in Las Vegas and was able to save his company I the 1970s. Gambling and entertainment are the major sources of income of Las Vegas.

2. Henderson – Population 267,270


This city was ranked to be the fastest growing city in U.S from 1990 to 1998. It is still growing and now attracts many residents and businesses. The residents of Henderson have weird hobbies; for example, some collect eyeglasses from famous people.

3. Paradise – Population 185, 304


It is recognized as a census-designated place by the U. S. Census Bureau. The University of Nevada and McCarran International Airport are located here. Large hotels like Caesars Palace, MGM Grand and the Palms Casino Resort are also located here. 4. Spring Valley – Population 176,712America’s first civilizations started here. It was occupied in 5,500 B.C.E. The George Washington Rock, a large rock outcrop is considered to be used as a look-out for ancient natives. It is one of the largest cities in Nevada.

These are the largest cities of Nevada which are centers for business, education and lot of opportunities. The cities have all the amenities a big city has to offer. So, these are great places to reside or start up new businesses.


Las Vegas has a very good reputation as a lively city; a city full of activity and fun. The city provides a lot of benefits for new businesses. Here are the key reasons for starting an entertainment business in Las Vegas.

The mindset and culture

Las Vegas is called the Entertainment Capital of the World. It has a number of great hotels and casinos. The city has lavish decorations and it all seems like a fantasy. People here are entertainment-spirited. The demand for any kind of entertainment is very high in this city. So, an entertainment business will do really well here.

The sense of community

Las Vegas has a growing community with unique values. By starting up an entertainment business here, you can become part of this growing community. So, companies can collaborate with customers in a friendly and healthy environment. Being with similar minded people makes it easy for you to solve any problem.

It’s economical

It may seem that Las Vegas is a very expensive city; but it is actually not. There are lots of cheap lands, low priced office spaces and houses to live in. Business resources are easily available.

The entertainment industry is a big industry here. So, it is safer to start an entertainment business in Las Vegas than any other business. The population of Las Vegas is also high. So, there are lots of opportunities to do well in the entertainment sector in Las Vegas.